We are currently taking bookings for our courses for January 2019.

We currently have courses for:
Beginners French
Beginners German
Beginners Greek
Beginners Italian
Beginners Portuguese
Beginners Spanish
English as a Foreign Language at all levels
GCSE and A Level revision

Find all our courses in the timetable section. If you are interested email us to book your place.

We are currently offering revision classes for GCSE and A-level Spanish. If you are interested email us to book your place.

Bedford Language Centre is an international culture and language hub in Bedford.

On the language front we are a unique centre. Not just the only school that offers a variety of languages but the only one that links language with culture. We feel the best way to learn a language needs exposure to the culture. Come and find out more about us!

Through our meet up link we would like to inform you about what is on in our region regarding culture, arts, promotions, in all languages to celebrate the richness of our area.

Why don’t you try our cultural courses to learn more about a country?

The Bedford Language Centre is a language school based in Bedford and aims to teach all ages in a fun and relaxed way.
COURSES: we offer classes, at a range of levels, in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Modern Greek, Polish, Portuguese, English, Latin, Chinese (Mandarin) and Russian.
Come and join us!

EVENTS: To find out about all our social events and workshops, visit our Meetup page.