We are currently planning our courses for January 2022, starting the week of January 4 and will post them as soon as they are finalized. Please find them in the timetable section.

Please email us If you are interested in a course for a particular language or level that you cannot find, or check back later. We will continue to add new courses.

Walking in Spain with Laurie Lee

Join us in discovering Spain, from Vigo to Cadiz, inspired by Laurie Lee’s book “As I walked out one Midsummer Morning”
In this course you will learn history, traditions, gastronomy, music of different areas of Spain, following Laurie Lee in his journey.
This course will be run in a Spanish and an English version to allow people of different levels to enjoy it. To join go to the timetable page and look under Spanish” and “Culture”.

Bedford Language Centre is an international culture and language hub in Bedford.

On the language front we are a unique centre. Not just the only school that offers a variety of languages but the only one that links language with culture. We feel the best way to learn a language needs exposure to the culture. Come and find out more about us!

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