Language for Business

Wishing you could use the right language?

Learn to communicate effectively in a business environment!
You will learn not only specific vocabulary for your sector and how to pronounce it but how to communicate effectively in your working environment with a multicultural awareness.
Everyday communication, meetings, negotiations, presentations… We will teach you the approach to do business with another culture, how business works in other countries and how companies operate internationally.

Corporate Language courses

Our bespoke courses, on a one to one or group basis to several members of your company, focus on your needs.
Our team of bilingual, experienced, native teachers delivers French, Italian and Spanish tailored courses with the business approach and terminology to allow your company to communicate successfully abroad.
Please contact us to talk about your specific training needs and schedules.

Executive English courses

Business and Commercial English and Specialised English training.
Do you have a good level of English but you feel you do not achieve your full potential at your place of work?
At our centre or at your premises we will deliver a designed course focusing on your specific training needs to achieve your goals.

All our English for Business teachers are EFL qualified and have lived and taught Business English abroad and in the UK therefore they can pass on their first hand experience.

Please contact us to talk about your specific training needs and schedules.

All our courses cover speaking, writing, reading and follow European guidelines for teaching languages, the Common European Framework of reference for languages (CEFR).

Proofreading Service

Our proofreaders scrutinize your work whether it be an academic paper, CV, job application or report. A proofreader will suggest corrections for grammatical errors, phrasing and spelling mistakes ensuring your work is professional and presentable. Prices are negotiated on the basis of subject, length and complexity of work.